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Foreword by Susanne Chishti – CEO FINTECH Circle

Digital Disruption has impacted every aspect of society, from social media to smartphone, and in the process, fundamentally transformed how we interact and live our lives.

Omnipresent tech keeps us organized while at the same time occupied, if we’re not just being productive, we are keeping ourselves busy by checking our social media feeds and posting selfies.

And yet, with all the tech in the world, we still find ourselves commuting, computing and communicating on the go.

Life seems to evade us, outrun us. We are constantly trying to keep up with the latest news, post, share or like; terms of a new society where tech dominates our lives. At the same time, tech has made our lives easier in many ways, we can do just about everything, all we need is our smartphone and a wifi connection.

But what if we could also make a living though our smartphone ?

That idea is now becoming a reality where we can buy, sell or trade “digital goods” via an app or platform without the need to be physically present or have a shop to display goods.

At first, we had simple digital goods like music, movies or books that we could download and store on our smartphone and take with us everywhere.

With the advent of crypto, blockchain and digital assets, we can now even store our personal wealth on our smartphone. Not only store, but also buy, sell and trade and this changes the game for everyone.

Tokenization of real-world assets on blockchain gives us the possibility of being able to trade the financial markets around the world without having to be physically present. More importantly, we don’t need a broker or intermediary; we can simply transact “peer-to-peer” instantly and securely, knowing that once a transaction on blockchain has been validated, it’s irreversible.

And that’s the power of digital assets on blockchain.

Taking it one step further, anyone with a smartphone can transact anything and anytime, knowing that all transactions are tamper-proof, time stamped and transparent.

In the world of finance, it’s called decentralized finance and it changes everything.

Financial technology has given us the tools and instruments to take charge of our own financial destiny.

Crypto and blockchain are the new frontiers in FinTech, it’s crucial to learn about these technologies now and thus be better prepared for a prosperous financial future.

This book gives its readers the opportunity to learn about advancing tech, from artificial intelligence to blockchain and from crypto to decentralized finance.

Eleftherios Jerry Floros is a FinTech expert who combines knowledge with experience, simplifying financial concepts and distilling everything to its essence. He has also been a fantastic co-Author of the bestselling FINTECH Book Series published by Wiley, which I had the pleasure to edit.

The opportunities are many, the possibilities endless.

Enjoy this exciting book.

Susanne Chishti (Linkedin/Twitter/Instagram)


@SusanneChishti  @FINTECHCircle

Author: Eleftherios Jerry Floros

Entrepreneur | Investor | Consultant | Author | Speaker Rethink Your Digital Future - FinTech Expert Elysian Impact Investing - founder The Financial Revolution - author The Corona Crash - author The A. I. Book - contributing author LegalTech Book - contributing author PayTech Book - contributing author WealthTech Book - contributing author BNN Times - Tech Guru - contributing author

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