Eleftherios Jerry Floros

Entrepreneur | Investor | Consultant | Author | Speaker

“The Corona Crash – and How to Survive and Thrive in the New Reality” by Eleftherios Jerry Floros

Entrepreneur, investor, consultant, author and speaker with a 33 year diversified background in FinTech, finance, engineering, maritime and shipping.

Currently pursuing FinTech, Crypto, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Tokenization, Decentralization and Digital Disruption which will profoundly impact the global economy as well as our personal lives.

There’s no shortcut or substitute for experience!

BBN Times – Crypto & Blockchain guru – featured author on all things Crypto and FinTech

Decentralized – London Chapter – founder
British Blockchain Association – member
Crypto Valley Association (CH) – member
Swiss Banking Advisory (UK) – member
FinTech Connector (NYC) – member
Multichain Asset Manager Association (CH)
Global Tech Advocates – member
Tech London Advocates – member
Institute of Directors – member
The A. I . Book – contributing author
The Legaltech Book – contributing author
The WealthTech Book – contributing author
The PayTech Book – contributing author
BBN Times – Crypto & Blockchain Guru

The Market Mogul – Mogul 100 – rank #1 – 2018

Crypto | Blockchain | Tokenization | Venture Capital | Private Equity | FinTech | Finance |Data Science | Robotics | AI | ML | UX

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